The positive side of an addictive nature

I know a lot about addiction and of various kinds. I quit drinking 24 years ago and I’ve had my share of other addictions too. Some still linger, but while I can overcome them, I have to deal with my addictive personality and this, I cannot shake off as much as I try. It’s who I am. However, positive things do come with this, let’s say, condition.

When I truly enjoy what I’m doing I become hyper-focused, and I am relentless. This, more often than not, involves work. Once I start preparing classes I can spend hours at it and forget the world around me and any problem I might be having in my personal life. So, I get a lot done and also don’t allow circumstances to distract me.

As soon as I moved into my new place I frantically started getting my place in order. I didn’t stop until I had everything I needed and more. I was so focused that I did what I never thought I could do which is actually reading instructions and assembling furniture myself. A job to be done by two, I did myself. That’s how hardheaded I can be.

When I’m interested in a subject I become consumed by finding out all I can about it. Especially in the psychological realm. So, I learn a lot.

When I decide I want something, I’ll find a way to make it work or work my way up to it. I won’t stop.

There are downsides, but these are examples of how my hyper-focussed addictive personality helps me get things done. And like all addictions, it’s hard to know when to stop. When to understand that enough is enough. But, no worries, I will always find something to substitute an addictive activity!

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