13 reasons why not…

There are many reasons to go THERE at some point in our lives. Some have never experienced them, but others, as I, have. Now, many years later, and having had to start from ground zero the past two years, leaving me a bit weary and broken, I have found my 13 reasons why not:

  1. Because I have a very fulfilling and love filled job.
  2. Because I am responsible for the hearts of little ones.
  3. Because I can find something positive to look forward to every day.
  4. Because I take responsibility for my life and outcomes and try to not blame anyone.
  5. Because I have friends and family who love me and I wouldn’t dare break their hearts or lives.
  6. Because there will eventually be an end to offering and it will happen sooner or later without having to provoke it.
  7. Because while I may feel unlovable at times, this doesn’t mean it’s a fact.
  8. Because there are still many things I’d like to experience, not big things even, small things like walks on the beach, mountains or anywhere where nature is enthralling and breathtaking.
  9. Because I have a purpose, although some days I might not see it that clearly.
  10. Because I have much more laughs to experience.
  11. Because I am of more help alive.
  12. Because even in my darkest moments I have hope.
  13. Because I want to live, love, laugh, cry, and hurt like everyone else and this is called fair play!

We all have to endure our share of highs and lows. We all have a story and it should have a natural ending chosen by life itself. This is why not…


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