Life goes on

Sometimes our worst enemy is seeing life through the lens of the past trying to foresee the future, and on a bad day when our guard is down we gather all our problems at once, making us mistakingly foresee our future through a dark and cloudy lens. But life goes on and we cannot predict what will happen, especially when we are in a dark mood. There are ways, though, to manage those days when life feels insufferable, meaningless and train our minds to rethink the way we manage our negative thinking process.

Some of us go to extremes, either everything is bright and wonderful and are open to counting our blessings, or we set the theme of our lives to the tune of “life totally sucks, and it always will.”

Life goes on, and if we survived the past, we will survive the future with its ups and downs. I look back and often think to myself “How did I ever get through that?” Well, I did and I actually gained a lot from that experience.

Managing our negative thinking process and redirecting our thoughts can be done through awareness. When we understand our thinking patterns and how they turn into negative thinking, we then can start to slow down our downward spiraling thought process and start adjusting our thinking.

Once we realize we are getting into that dark place, we can start turning away from it by looking at our problems in a more detached way. Life doesn’t only happen to us, but to everyone. So, suffering the blues is not uniquely reserved for us. It does help to know that just as we go through tough times, so does the rest of the human race and it keeps going.

Life goes on and we will all get through the good and the not so good. Keeping this in mind will help us get through the rough patches, and there are plenty, but we are not alone and this should make us feel better.

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