Turning points that change your lives

Life, the ongoing obstacle course we all get to run. We all have different courses, obstacles with highlights and differing finish lines. But we all have in common turning points that change the courses of our lives. I have mine, you have yours to share or not, but it’s good to look back once in a while, see how far you’ve made it and be grateful for every single turn which has made our lives a bit unique.

My turning points:

  • The day I decided to quit drinking because I couldn’t keep working and living in such chaos, and subject my loved ones to such pain.
  • The day I met my friend Tom who helped me jump-start my life.
  • The day I met my ex-husband. We shared 17 years together and this proved I could actually live with a partner and never fight.
  • The day all my nieces and nephew were born. They brought meaning to my life.
  • The day I started working at Casa Hispana. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity that allowed me to enjoy my job as a teacher and meet amazing people who are now my friends, colleagues and students and of course, my boss.
  • The day I went to see Wayne Dyer hoping to change. Boy, did that workout!
  • The day my husband said he wanted a divorce and that he felt “I brought out the worst in him.” I forgive those stinging words and that him for them too. It made it easy to leave.
  • The day I was welcomed into my friends’ home after leaving what used to be my favorite home.
  • The day I met Sparky and Drew. My heart was forever altered and I became softer.
  • The day I faced my first class at USF. I realized how ready I was to enjoy this new adventure.
  • The day I went to my godson’s graduation, Jesse. I was so proud and learned that after so much worry, he was going to be OK.
  • The day my friend Tom passed. I learned the value of being there with a friend by his side as I saw him leave. This was very important to me. I felt connected to him and being there brought me comfort and closure.
  • The day I decided to go to a shrink because I realized I couldn’t go through my pain alone. I cried during the first 5 sessions. She helped me gain perspective, become stronger and imagine a life alone that would actually be OK.
  • The affair I had once, that taught me never to condemn others. That I erred and paid a high price for my weakness. Never again will I go through that.
  • The times I wanted to die and didn’t. I now know, I can bear anything at this point and survive it. Pain doesn’t have to kill me.

There are countless more moments that besides teaching me lessons, also made me who I am today. I’m much more resilient, compassionate, empathetic and stronger.

Which are your turning points?

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