Farewell my dear Drew

My bestie Drew passed away January 8th peacefully in her favorite spot, the living room. next to the curtains where she would watch and make sure no intruder trespassed without her permission. Even at 14 years old she was there looking out for us.

When I was deprived of Sparky, after my separation, I found in Drew a wonderful companion. She was kind, loving, quiet and such a happy dog, always wagging her tail to greet us with whooping enthusiasm.

She loved being hugged, caressed, and taken for walks. She still had the energy, a year ago, to frolic down the steep street even when her legs were a bit stiff. She was at heart, still a puppy.

When I cried she came and sat next to me, and as I hugged her, she liked my nose trying to make me feel better. Mission accomplished every time! My best mornings were when she woke me, letting me know it was time to go outside.

When I spent a long day away at work, I was eager to get home to hug her because she made me feel like the most important person in the world! And I needed that badly.

The night she passed I woke at the same she left…. With great sorrow, I got the news. I felt as if someone had ripped my heart apart and it went cold.

She was so easy to love, unlike some humans. But, she took after all your dads. Kind, loving and warm hearted. I have them to thank for sharing her with me.

See you, Drew! Thank you for being my bestie, my companion. I will always miss you.

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