Frozen by indecision.

After a year of constant decision-making, following my heart and intuition to the best of my ability, I now find myself frozen by indecision. However, it’s not big decisions feel unable to make, but simple everyday decisions as whether to dine out or at home.

I know this happens to many after the dust settles after a storm. One feels not only relief but also a sense of loss of direction. It’s just like when Google maps senses you made the wrong turn and it takes a while to redirect you back on track. I’m at that point.

While my storm raged my survival instincts kicked in and I was able to not over think and simply march on. I focused and had no time for fear or indecision. I had to act fast and go,go,go!

That storm is over, and although I know more will come, I have to start rowing again and not allow myself to be frozen by indecision. It’s time to enjoy a few months of respite.


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