Let the experts do their job and stop googling your symptoms!

I hadn’t been feeling too well for a month. Although I was happier than I’d been for months, I seemed to not be able complete even the smallest tasks on my to-do list, which keeps growing as if it had a life of its own! So, last night when I found I had a fever again and pain I made the mistake of Googling my symptoms. Was that a dramatic mistake!

I read everything I could about lung cancer symptoms. Yes, I went straight there! I read all afternoon, downloaded the will and advance directive documents and filled them out.  All the symptoms were there!!!!!! Except ten, maybe. So I wrote to the doctor, made an appointment and today I went to see her after a very sad evening of completing my “so easy will.” I told her my symptoms and said to her that she might laugh but that I thought I had lung cancer!

So there I went, a bit gloomy and expecting the worst. As it turns out I have pneumonia! Imagine! I was so happy to hear that! Even feeling not so well, I smiled all the way home and kept planning my future.

And no, I’m not a hypochondriac, I just avoid doctors until I can hardly move, then is when the fretting begins!

Lesson learned. Doctors still know more! No more googling symptoms for me. I advise you do the same. Go to your annual checkups and when in doubt, go to the doctor. You won’t spend sleepless nights planning your ending.

PS: However, I learned a lot about lung cancer in my search and not only smokers get it.



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