Shall we dance?

Will I see you before you leave? It all depends. Do you really want to see me? Or like myself, is it about not knowing how to proceed? Relationships should run their natural course just as friendships. Nothing should be forced just like dance.

Let’s compare relationships to a dance. Sometimes one does the dancing and the other simply watches. This is a drag for both. For relationships to flourish and keep going, both parties should take part in the dance but not forcefully. If you don’t like the music that’s playing, it’s obvious that you should choose another dance partner and music.

Relationships can get confusing, but by simplifying and comparing them to a dance, the revelation of the next dance step to take may be clear. Dance to your own tune if you wish or partner actively up with someone who dances your same tune. You will know what to do as soon as you hear the music.

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