A note about and to my father

My father took full responsibility for my sister and myself when he could have given up and run for the hills. He didn’t, he took us with him, saving our lives and giving us two worlds and two languages, the very tools that have become our weapons to navigate life.

I have to thank my dad:

  • For staying up late at night telling us stories when he had to get up at the crack of dawn.
  • For putting up with our “terrible teens.”
  • For making every birthday so special until this day.
  • For helping us to appreciate books and nature.
  • For being there when we were sick.
  • For inspiring in us the love of the outdoors and exercise.
  • For being there when the world was not.
  • For making us fighters and honest people.
  • For instilling in us forgiveness, empathy and self-awareness.
  • For playing with us all those boring games “we” loved.
  • And for many more things…

Many will say that this is what any father would do, but unfortunately, not all fathers do all these things. So I don’t take it for granted. I’m privileged as many of us are.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! In Spain, it’s  celebrated on the 19th of March; San José which falls on Saturday this year.


2 thoughts on “A note about and to my father

  1. Delfín

    Well, thank you very much for, again, being so very thoughtful. I did try hard, yes, but not hard enough. I was not schooled at rearing children. No one is… we must feel our way and, thus, we fall into the ditch. Like the blind leading the blind. I am lucky to have you people. I would do it all, all over again, trying to correct mistakes and errors. Kisses, your dad

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