Our scars: badges of honor

We all have visible and invisible scars. Those that are visible might be the ones that come with age, accidents, self-inflicted, or those surgeries that saved our lives. Our emotional scars are too, part of who we are. We should embrace them all.

As I look in the mirror I see the laugh-lines and sad lines that can be read as braille if you were to close your eyes and feel my face, and which I no longer feel like fighting. They are my hard-earned wrinkles. They show the  battles I’ve fought. As for my emotional scars, they have made me stronger and more vulnerable at the same time, and those I welcome too.

No matter what baggage we carry, we can always find reasons to smile and accept what life has thrown our way. Our time is limited so let’s try to make the most of it and soldier on.

Wear your scars as badges of honor. Every single one has made you who you are; unique.

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