Friendships, our lifeboats.

It wasn’t planned. I always enjoyed genuine friendships and I have been blessed to attract the best crop. In love, I have failed miserably, but in friendships I’ve gotten straight A’s and they have become my lifeboats.

Why I fail miserably in love? It’s a long story about self-acceptance, inability to commit fully and show affection. However, in friendships I’ve thrived and I have been very lucky. Now, after all that has come down in the last year I’ve been shown so much love and appreciation that friends have become my lifeboats. Without them, I would have been all alone and probably sunk.

Friendships are there all the time. Sometimes we tend to forget how important they are for our survival and then, the day comes when you realize that they are the core of your existence, as well as your family.

Living away from my family, in my new hometown which is San Francisco, inevitably I’ve had, like so many, to form my “away from home family.” Mine consists of amazing people, many of which have some tie to my job as a teacher. These ties run deep.

I value friendship much more than before. Lovers come and go, but friends, my lifeboats, sail with me and are forever. If they need me, I’ll be there, If I need them, they’ll be there too.

Hold on to your friendships, no matter what. If you find the love of “your life,” don’t set them aside, cherish them because they are the ones that will always know you and be a constant in your life when all else fails. Friendships should not be the sidekick, but the protagonists of your life who will help you follow the prompt.

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