My happiest moment was my cure for expressing affection.

Throughout our lives, hopefully, we collect happy moments, some small, some big. The latter, which we may consider the happiest may remain in our memory forever unless they become overshadowed by unfortunate events and then gone, forgotten and replaced by others. I have one I distinctly remember and it was grand. I hadn’t felt so much and so strongly for a very long time. I know this moment shall never be replaced and will never wear out as I look back.

In class today while practicing the past tenses, my students had to share one of their happiest moments. I, of course, gave them my prompt: The day my puppy “Sparky” came into my life. They all had grand happy interesting moments too, although few had a puppy story.

You see. It is very hard for me to show affection and Sparky made it possible. I would unabashedly hug, smooch and snuggle with him. The happiness I felt made me realize how much affection I actually need to express and can’t, it’s not in my nature. However, I can with pets, so, I’ll seek more happy moments with man’s best friend because it’s safe, always rewarding and it cures me.

Happy moments are ours, singular, sometimes peculiar to others, but this is what’s so great about diversity and uniqueness!

What’s your happiest moment?






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