Thanksgiving: The year of loss, love and hope.

I don’t think being grateful is something we are wired to feel now. There is this ingrained sense of entitlement and the belief that somehow life owes us. We seem to acquire, somewhere along the way, the same tunnel vision and selfishness as when we are infatuated and only see what we want to see, focusing on what we don’t have and how life has wronged us or what it has cheated us out of.

This sense of entitlement leaves little room for us to feel grateful. We expect to always get our way, and somehow, someday we’ll be HAPPY forever after. Nothing is enough, once we get what we want, we want the next thing. If there isn’t one, we think it up.

Truth is, we are entitled to absolutely nothing, according to nature, we just have to survive, do our part to keep the species going and then get the hell out. That’s it. So, we should be grateful, and learn to view life as a series of opportunities to truly enjoy what we have. Life, things, people, success, love, joy, are all fleeting. If we viewed life as fleeting moments and realize that whatever good we get is a gift, we would not only complain less but would be more appreciative and content.

If Thanksgiving were done right, we should make it a year-round affair. Don’t you think?

For myself, this will be a year to remember, marked by many losses, pain and change, but in all those moments I have found a lot to be grateful for. If I had to choose a title for this year it would be;  The year of loss, love and hope.

Thank you, thank you!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: The year of loss, love and hope.

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