The way we were…

We are not who we used to be, maybe fragments and careless snapshots, but if we are fortunate enough, we were able to let go of insecurities and fears that weighed us down in our youth. That is the advantage of aging; I see few others that best qualify for positives at a certain age.

When I look back at who I was, I often cringe at the thought and say to myself; “God, am I glad I got over that!” Or “Why the %$^(*&%$ did I allow that to happen?” But I cannot reverse time and can only feel lucky that I survived!

Some believe we don’t change, but we do. Life changes us and some people touch our lives in such a way that the impact makes us wake up and change gears. We do keep learning and probably keep growing up forever. I myself started growing up at forty something. Too late? Maybe, but I am not, fortunately, the person I used to be, although it too belongs to who I am, my past, my present and my future… It’s all me but changed, transformed into someone, hopefully, better.

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