Shedding fears one at a time.

Only time, self-awareness and introspection make it possible to overcome our fears. One at a time, like shedding skin, do they part and leave us. However, only when the time is right and we are ready. You have to know your enemy well before you can defeat it. Make friends with it, acknowledge it and it will slowly, soon enough, stop haunting you. Some of these fears are mostly figments of our imagination, the idea of something that terrifies us, sets us up for that which we don’t want to feel.

I used to fear ending up alone, and, as a result, I’d stay longer in relationships that were no longer working. Now, I am ready. Now that fear is gone. Now, I am not alone. I have friends and family and loneliness is just a fleeting feeling. I need not be in a relationship for fear of being alone. I lost that fear and I’m embracing the freedom of enjoying solitude.

Of course, I will feel lonely at times as we all do, but I don’t have to base my life choices on that fear any longer. I am free from that” terror” and can move on without allowing it to weigh me down.

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