Dear Life…

Dear Life,

It’s about time I wrote you a letter. It could be angry, but it’s not, because I know well that I am not entitled to anything, either the good or the bad. You just set us forth and we walk our miles, doing our time on this earth, knowing well that at least half is our responsibility and the rest is left to chance. What we do, or do not do with the life we are given, is up to us.

So far I’ve had, like most people, many mountains to climb, and I always got to the top some way or another. As long as I don’t stop, sit and just watch the steep mountain and keep climbing no matter what, all is well.

Every mountain, every single obstacle helps us to grow. But we also have to look closely at the fine times and gifts every day brings that we so often take for granted.

Dear Life, thank you, I’ll keep those hiking boots handy and the little book of “experience” to guide me and  help to not make the same mistakes over and over.

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