Things I didn’t know about a separation.

Now, I have yet another life experience to talk about. And yes, it’s inspiring me to write so I am milking it. Although it’s only the beginning, and I can only speak from this point, hopefully, things will look brighter in this area soon.

  1. You want it to be civil and nice, but it takes two to tango and it might not work that way even if those were the intentions.
  2. Money may not have been on your mind until the other partner makes it a big ass deal.
  3. You realize you are suddenly faced with a stranger. Someone you thought cared about you, from one day to another, is someone you don’t recognize.
  4. You truly get a better picture of how the other person is at this time. When things fall apart, all those kind sweet words are meaningless.
  5. Even if you also want out, it’s crushing and it will take time to brush off the hurt.
  6. You may realize how much the other person hates you.
  7. You won’t want to see the person and dread the thought of having to deal with them for yet some time until it’s a done deal.
  8. It’s easy to let go of things you used to care about because you want a clean break and no reminder of the past life with this new stranger.
  9. “We will remain friends,” are just words to soothe the break, but in fact, ask yourself, if now, this would be a person you would seek friendship with. Maybe not.
  10. Although you want to move on, this uneasy, almost annoying, unfinished business keeps creeping into your mind.
  11. You start to wonder why you didn’t have the balls to do it yourself before and wish guilt hadn’t stopped you.
  12. You will wonder what on earth you had in common.
  13. You also realize that it’s true, we change and as we change we may grow in different directions.
  14. All compassion starts dying when you see the other person show his true colors.
  15. And lastly, but in a happier tone…It will be over and you will move on and be happy you learned yet another lesson in life.

Be well and hope your separation goes smoothly.

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