Children: the victims of an AIDS/HIV ravaged country.

The Lesotho Orphans happy with food just brought in!

The Lesotho Orphans happy with food just brought in!  St. Camillus Centre Photo

There is nothing worse and more heartbreaking than to hear stories or see images of children suffering. Unfortunately, we have become used to seeing images of adults killed, injured by wars or environmental calamities. We are exposed to fewer images of children or babies in these conditions because those images are assumed too brutal for the audience.  

When we see a child hungry, in pain, beaten or dead, we can relate more emotionally, either because we are parents and see our own children in that image, or because we can picture ourselves in that same helpless situation in our own childhood and find the thought unbearable. The vision of children in such dire situations makes us want to forget them immediately. We turn and move on, hoping that not looking at that reality will help us feel less guilty about the world we live in. Because this world is pretty cruel, and the older we become, the more aware we are that we live in a self-centred, mind-your-own-business society. A society that lives a compartmentalized life, that turns away from the ugly, and watches and reads about world suffering as if it were all a movie.

While it’s true that we cannot help everyone or be oversensitive over everything that’s wrong in this world, because we’d die of sadness: In Spanish: ‘morirse de pena,” which can actually happen, we can find ways to help, even in a small way, those children suffering, or any other cause now more than ever. We can either donate, volunteer or share the different fundraising campaigns through Facebook, Twitter or various other social media platforms.

If I could, I would donate to every cause, but I too have to bring food to my table. I do all I can to promote those causes that are close to my heart, especially those that involve people I know, like my friend’s in Lesotho.

My Friend Stephanie decided to join the Peace Corps and landed in Lesotho, at St. Camillus Centre that provides a loving shelter, nutrition and education for orphans and vulnerable children. The Center’s mission is to keep these children healthy, well-nourished, and protected from abuse. Some, sadly, are infected with AIDS/HIV.

Stephanie has been updating us about how life is like in Lesotho and the kids’ situations for over a year now, sharing the reality “first hand,” which has made it even more heart wrenching. Yet, little by little help is coming and the kids do seem happier and happier as food comes in and a new shelter was built. So, there is hope!

My friend Stephanie serving their small yet happy meals.

My friend Stephanie serving their small yet happy meals.

Now, they have come up with a great idea to help themselves, the kids, by raising funds to build a sustainable farm. In this way, there will be a continued source of food to bring to the table.

If you feel you can help, please do. Any little act goes a long way. You can either donate at GO FUND ME, share it using Twitter, or share their Facebook page. (Follow St. Camillus Centre Facebook and you will be able to see how they improve and and follow their dream!)

No child should go hungry or be a victim of adult’s actions. I have no children but I have nieces and nephews, and I see them in Lesotho’s kids’ eyes.

This was a happy day! They got their home finished!

This was a happy day! They got their home finished!

You can visit their website for more information @ ST. Camillus Centre: A Home for Orphans and Vulnerable Children– Mohale’s Hoek, Lesotho, Africa.

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor On Life and Hope received compensation for the article. Her opinions are hers only.

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