My coffee with a stranger and the special relationship we developed.

My coffee with a stranger and the special relationship we developed.

My coffee with a stranger and the special relationship we developed.

This is a true story. Here I sit, looking back at this special moment that changed my life forever because I dared to, I feel I have to clarify it. I always share true stories because this is the only way we can genuinely connect and add something meaningful to others lives. I hope this one does. And this is my #momentoNESCAFÉ.

I had been attending NA meetings for a while before I finally quit using. In those meetings, there was this blue-eyed American guy who seemed so at peace all the time. He always greeted me with a smile and, as the saying goes in those meetings, he told me to keep coming back,  because it worked! So, I did.

When I finally was able to quit, he approached me and asked me to meet for coffee afterwards. I felt extremely intimidated, but I accepted. This was new. Meeting for “only coffee” was weird. (Drinks used to be in order, as shy as I was.) This was a real #momentoNESCAFÉ, those that bring you warmth as you watch the popular ads Nescafé® Clasico ™ is so famous for.

Well, we chatted and he told me all about his recovery, how rich his life was and how to get the most of it without a drink. This was what really not only started me on coffee but on the road to being a more open and happier person. That moment we shared over coffee, changed my life. I went to visit him often to the U.S. (I lived in Spain at the time), we lived there together for 4 years. After we broke up as a couple we were still best friends until he took his last breath a few months ago. A simple invitation to have a cup of coffee changed my life forever. I am so grateful for having had that moment be the starting point of one the most important relationships in my life.

Tom, my friend, was a traveler and he always carried the tiny pouches of Nescafé ® Clásico ™ wherever he went. He made me bring them back from Spain when in the U.S. they hadn’t yet been introduced. He placed them right there in his emergency kit! Obviously, for an emergency, for a little jumpstart at any given far-reaching location.

And this is why I was honored to accept this sponsored post to share a #momentoNESCAFÉ. I’m sure you all have experienced one and I’d love for you to share yours on Facebook.

Nescafé Clásico ™  partnered with amazing Latino celebrity Ricky Martin inspiring people to “Make moments happen,” those special #Nescafémoments. The message is to make moments happen, bring people together and share a more connected life with real face to face moments.

What’s your “special #MomentoNESCAFÉ?

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