Another year rushing to its end.

Angela Marie Henriette

                                 Another year rushing to its end.  CC  by Angela Marie Henriette @Flicker

Wait, but it’s still November! You may gasp, but time goes faster as you add-on years. Life conspires to start gaining momentum when you wish it didn’t. When you are young you can’t wait to be old enough to drink, to go off on your own, to finish college, to start making a good living and on and on. At this time, life seems to slow down when you wish all those things happened yesterday.

However, a time comes when those wishes come to a halt, and you no longer wish to become older to do certain things you think will make you happier. You only wish you could step on the brakes because of all the things you wish to accomplish before you are too old to do so.

Another year comes to an end, and some of us we are surprised it’s happening so soon. You hadn’t even gotten started on these years’ resolutions and you are abruptly faced with a new set of hopes and dreams for the next.

This year I’m going to keep it simple: Enjoy the time at hand, and the people in it! If I accomplish this, I will accomplish everything… Hopefully the year will slow down as I focus on being present every single moment. I won’t look too far ahead, because this often brings disappointment.

This is it! This is now!

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