Procrastination: Why you should stop!

CC on Flicker by Giulia Bartra

                                          Procastination and stress: poison. CC on Flicker by Giulia Bartra

As most people, my to do list resembles more and more a roll of toilet paper. The list of things to get done becomes endless and only gets worse the longer I postpone. The anguish and stress that accompany this habit should have taught me a lesson, but although I promise myself to do things ahead of time next time round, I always falter. It’s like a vicious cycle. I do get everything done in the end and seem to thrive on last minute cramming, yet, the suffering I put myself through the eve of the deadlines, is just not worth it.

Reasons why you should not procrastinate:

  • Procrastinating takes a lot of space in your mind. While you postpone, you anguish about it, so you are working overtime. It takes much less mental space and time to get things done ahead of time. This actually becomes a time saver.
  • Doing things ahead of time is a stress and heart saver. The stress involved in last minute cramming is in no way beneficial neither mentally nor physically to your health. Sleepless nights, restlessness, lack of concentration on other tasks because you live with this nagging feeling, that you should be doing something else.
  • Kicking the habit involves getting organized and finding ways to be more time efficient.
  • It allows you to focus on what’s important and again, you save time.
  • You practice self-control and learn when to disconnect and shut yourself out from things that distract you and that add little to your already busy life, such as Facebook, twitter end the works.
  • Often the things you procrastinate are those you should face first. They are either the ones you dread the most or simply find exceedingly tedious. However, once you practice facing those two evils first, you get the hang of it and feel more comfortable and accomplished once you get them over with.

I’m working on it. The peace I felt this weekend having most of the most pressing jobs done was such a relief, that I want more of that. I felt free to enjoy my free time with a clear mind.


                   Enjoy life…

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