A year of darkness and shared pain.

CC by Roger Flickr

A year of darkness and shared pain. CC by Roger Flickr

This year has not been much of a good year for some of my beloved friends. Many have suffered impossible losses, heartbreaks and tragedies that at the time seemed unfair and senseless. These losses have had a profound impact on my friends and myself. We are part of those we care for and love. Therefore the pain is shared. When you care for someone it’s painful to see them lost and hurt. I wish I could take the pain away from every single one of them, but this is part of life as so is birth.

After the storms my friends have weathered, I have come to feel the urgency to not only enjoy every minute life grants me, but the urgency of enjoying the company of my friends and family, cherishing them even more so now. They too, as myself, may be gone at any given moment, and all I can apply myself to do is spend time with them and treasure their company.

Life may be short or long, but life just is, and we should not only bear it, but also treasure everything that comes our way. Because we too will be gone and all we have is the present. Nothing else is guaranteed. The future, as I see it now, is blurry and too far for me to fantasize about. Today is enough for me. Tomorrow is too far and might not even happen.

May you enjoy your life and loved ones and bear with them their losses, as they will bear yous some day.

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