When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons....CC by Annadriel Flicker

When life gives you lemons….CC by Annadriel Flicker

Lemons are sour but they can also enhance the taste of many dishes and drinks. So, it goes with the saying that begins with ‘When life gives you lemons…” In fact, it’s much like that in life. When you get lemons you have to find a way to make the juice work for you.

I discovered that sitting and complaining about life’s bitterness does little to solve problems. The shorter the anger is lived, the faster our minds become clear and ready to find solutions. First, accept the sourness and then get to work on solutions. And the best way for me to get over the complaining stage of how unfair the bitter situation is, is to remind myself that nothing lasts forever. Things change and if we look back at how we’ve overcome other not so fair circumstances, we will see how they too passed and we got eventually back on our feet.

When life gives you lemons, make sure you are ready to make some juice, fast!

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