Things to do before you die.


CC courtesy of Murat Ertürk. Flickr.

Things to do before you die. CC courtesy of Murat Ertürk. Flickr.

Perhaps we have a major list of important things we wish to do before we die, but perhaps there are some that should also be included which may not top the list but which are important.

Things I’ve learnt that should be included in the list are as follows:

  • Don’t save things just for special occasions, they may never come. Enjoy everything you have and use it! That’s what they are meant for. Everyday should be a special occasion just because you are alive and don’t know when you’ll take your last breath.
  • Tell people how you feel about the, especially if you love them. Don’t leave things unsaid. You’ll regret it later.
  • Go on a solo trip. Everyone should be able to go it alone for once at least. It’s healthy to get away from everything and everyone at least once.
  • Say you are sorry. Apologize when it’s due.
  • Forgive yourself for not being perfect.
  • Sit and listen to friends.
  • Don’t rush around. Take your time to enjoy the present moment.
  • Take days off from social media.
  • Read those books you have pending.
  • Travel and enjoy places just because you want to. Not so you can tell the world you’ve been there.
  • It’s OK to spend the day doing mindless things at hope.
  • Don’t live with the feeling you are missing out. Enjoy YOUR life.
  • Don’t compare yourself so much to others: success, looks, age or whatever. Enjoy being yourself just as you are.
  • Stop trying to change people.
  • Try to avoid confrontations, especially with your loved ones. It’s a waste of time. Accept people as they are and respect their points of view.
  • Help people who seem to be in need of a shoulder. The more you give of yourself and reach out to other’s the better you will feel.
  • Don’t feel forced to do anything out of guilt.
  • Feel free to ask for help even if you risk appearing weak.
  • Tell people how you feel. Share yourself with others and you will find that everyone has a story to share and you are not alone.
  • Try, every day to be grateful. There are always things to feel grateful about and you only risk feeling better.
  • Do a good deed anonymously.
  • Love yourself and the world will love you back.
  • Cherrish friendships deeply.

What’s on your list?


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