The winds of change and chance.

There is a time, every year when the cool winds start to pick up. Trees start to bare their leaves and life seems to become darker. But it’s at this time when things start to change. Nature starts getting rid of the old and starts to get ready for renewal.

We shouldn’t cringe at the thought of rainy days, the fall of wilted leaves and the rain that will come. We should view this time as an opportunity, as nature does, to get rid of the old and get ready for the new.

Life goes on, there is no break although we have decided to divide life into seasons. There are changes in weather as we experience ourselves, with our changing moods, but we shouldn’t be affected by them, especially in the seemingly saddest months of the year. Nature is only shedding its skin to bring new hope and light, and in this way, so should we shed during the Fall and Winter, all those layers we feel we want to get rid of.

The winds of change and chance come now, as Fall nears.

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