My last trip to “my” country and the lessons learnt.

Lessons learnt travelling.

Reflections and lessons learnt on my last trip to “my” country.

This has probably been my most enlightening trip to Spain I’ve had yet. A combination of age, experience and events have made my yearly trip an invaluable experience to take back to the States and keep moving forward in a state of calm and with a more acute sense of reality, friendship, family and relationships in general. If you take the chance to evaluate yourself after a trip, you will too see how upon your return, something has changed you.

An incident upon arrival made my whole trip a bit sad but put life into perspective. A loss, and not even my own, hit me hard, teaching me how at any moment those we love can leave us. Enjoyment of the people in our lives and total acceptance of how they are has taken over and left me calm in many areas of my life. While, I cannot control what happens or people, I can appreciate the place they have in my heart and love them even more.

To add to the list, here are more lessons that have been ingrained on this trip:

  • Those things that irritate us become just annoying things that can be overlooked. Life is to be lived and not to be fought over.
  • I’m tired of fighting life, people and events, which I cannot control. May the chips fall where they may and I’ll go along with the new plan.
  • We all need attention, and a little voice from a child is as important as an adult’s.
  • Never take people for granted. If they are in your life, enjoy them and attend to them, NOW.
  • Love and show the love at every opportunity.
  • Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
  • What people think of me, is not my problem. People may like me and others won’t. It’s a fact, so why care?
  • Cherish the memories on your trip; those that touch you deeply will remain. Those pictures you take may just be a reminder of a special moment, but what you have experienced cannot be rehashed completely through a picture.
  • Leaving people behind is hard, but not having anyone to say goodbye to is way worse.
  • At the end of each day, when you think over your day, think about what happened, not about what didn’t go your way.
  • Peace, in every sense is what you must seek in all your dealings. Your health, friends and family will seem more of a blessing.
  • Count yourself lucky if you still have friends from your childhood.
  • Above all, I learnt that when life feels like a struggle, it’s the attitude that must change and you must adapt to that. If you cannot change it, work with it.

What have you learnt on your travels?

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