We will always have Paris…

"We will always have Paris." CC by Moyan Brenn

“We will always have Paris.” CC by Moyan Brenn

This is something we all have: the ability to keep memories frozen to later retrieve them and smile. Not to hold them tight and grieve in pain about the losses, but to calmly remember the gains and good times, let them go, and put them neatly back in the box for later enjoyment.

We will all, always, have a Paris to look back on, and this is the joy of life, being able to collect memories to cover the pages of our own stories. What’s past is past and should probably remain there, from time to time take a peek back, smile and be grateful you lived!

Enjoy your “Paris” while it lasts and then; let it go.

( Next stop: Paris, a new Paris; the real thing!)


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