The value of friendships.


by a n a n d h a m

At the end of the day all we’re left with are our invaluable friendships. Lovers come and go, colleagues, and acquaintances. But those friends we set aside while we live our lives are the ones who listen to us, hold our hands and lend us a shoulder to cry on.

Those are the ones to keep, nurture and cherish because they are truly there for you. The ones who listen patiently to your stories over and over and tell you it will all be OK. Friends will stay up all night by your side when you are heartbroken.  They will help you to move, start over and pick up the pieces.

The rest; lovers, buddies and the like will be an important part of your life, of course, but nothing compared to what a friend stands for, which is unconditional love, support and acceptance of who you are.

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