Sex in the digital age. Is it safe?

Sex and the digital age

Sex in the digital age. Is it safe? by Michele Ficara Manganelli

As we’ve become more digital in life, so have relationships changed and the way we communicate with partners.

Meeting people has become much more accessible, and staying in touch is at our fingertips. On average, today, people tend to spend more time online than offline, whether for work or pleasure. The amount of people you can meet online and interact with via the internet surpasses the possibilities in real life, so the chances of finding someone to flirt with have multiplied. Now you can have a sort of fling at a safe distance without fear of becoming either pregnant or contracting an STD. This online sex and philandering has both its drawbacks and advantages.

Modern sex has moved beyond the physical world and made its way to a virtual existence, letting people’s imagination run wild. People we meet online, that are not professionals of the trade, are even more fascinating than those we might have chosen to hire if we hadn’t had this available. It would seem this new virtual world of online sex is taking away from the porn and prostitution industries, much to their chagrin.

Robert Weiss, Founding Director of The Sexual Recovery Institute writes in the Huffington Post that digital technology has made reality and fantasy blurry. He adds that we now live in a world where fake is the “new real.” A relationship with someone anonymous who might not even exist in the real world can be just as powerful and fulfilling as traditional flesh-to-flesh relations and, at the same time, just as painful when the virtual relationship ends.

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