A passionate life.


by ThuFoo CC

No passion, no life by ThuFoo CC

No passion? No life. I’m not talking about sex here (although that in itself is reason enough to live!). A life lived without passion is not worth living. We don’t really want to sit down and analyze our lives to death, and think about what we are missing out on, or the fears behind our lack of drive. We want a life that makes us want to get out of bed in the morning with the expectation and enthusiasm of something worth doing, something fulfilling.

Passion is a driving force that can change the world. Passion changes hearts, melts hearts and makes dreams come true. Successful people and organizations have been built by the drive of passion. Look at Steve JobsRichard Branson and Isabel Allende as a few examples. And success is not just an economic measure. Gandhi went out and passionately spread peace and became an icon because he livedand diedso passionately in accordance with his beliefs.

Passion-driven people are fixated with achieving their goals and find pleasure in doing so. They’ve got the grit to persevere, even if their goals are long-term. They keep their eyes on the prize, and this keeps them motivated and moving forward.


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