The labyrinth of life.

The labyrinth of life by solcita

The labyrinth of life by solcita

Life is a labyrinth we are stuck in. We have no actual way out. Yet, all we do is keep trying to find the exit, which we believe, will make us complete and happy.

We make our way, sometimes in the dark and sometimes in the light, but in both cases we are just feeling our way. Following our instincts, which often make us take a wrong turn that may lead us to yet another dead-end to our disillusionment. Our instincts are merely a consequence of our experiences, which often prove to be flawed.

In this labyrinth, all we can do is try to make our way cautiously and enjoy the paths as we tread on. It’s the path and not the exit we should be worried about. Because if we were to ever make our way out, we would probably find we had wasted half a life pursuing the impossible; a complete state of happiness. Happiness is as fleeting as life and it’s to be found along the way, not at the end of the path.



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