How humility can make you successful.

Brian Burnes

Humility and success. CC by Brian Byrnes

I’m a teacher besides many other things I juggle as best I can. But first and foremost my life is dedicated to the art of teaching, connecting with my students and making the learning process fun and pleasurable.

I’m a perfectionist and want to do my best, but I never think anything I do is good enough. Far from being a negative thing, this pushes me to try harder and hope the results are favorable. I do see my kids progress surprisingly fast. When I receive their homework via e-mail, I’m happy to see they took the time. For them it’s an obligation, but I can tell they tried their best and as the months have gone by, their effort has increased because they are now, not doing it to get it over with, but for themselves and of course to please me. Passion and excitement are contagious.

The trick to being successful at what you do, is not only to try your best, but also having a lingering feeling that you could do better. This keeps you on your toes, interested and excited. When you are humble enough to believe you still have a lot to learn, to achieve better results, you can only become successful.

Be humble, stay true, keep trying to improve on yourself and the rewards are there for the taking.


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