We are responsible for 40% of our happiness.

by donireewalker

We are resposible for 40% of our happiness by donireewalker

Attaining happiness is a common goal. And while each person’s measure of happiness is a very unique and personal experience, we all can attain it. Our individual happiness depends on different factors, some we have no control of and others we are actually responsible for. So how do we steer ourselves towards a happier state of mind?

University of California-Riverside psychology professor Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky says in her book, The Science of Happiness, that “50 percent of individual differences in happiness is governed by genes, 10 percent by life circumstances, and the remaining 40 percent by what we do and how we think… The secret of course lies in that 40 percent.”

If Lyubomirsky is correct, then we can actually do something about that 40 percent. We can tweak our attitudes and actions to spend more time in the happy zone department and less time in the sad doldrums.

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2 thoughts on “We are responsible for 40% of our happiness.

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