Surviving January.

Surviving January by AmyZZZ1

Surviving January by AmyZZZ1

January is the Monday of the year. Probably the toughest month to get through. Right after the holiday break. All the parties, celebrations with friends and families come to a dead halt right after New Year’s. And there we are, facing a New Year with resolutions or not in the midst of winter. Which is kind of a downer. But we can happily survive January.

My Januarys changed when I realized how much this month affected my mood. I decided to make the best of them even if it caught me almost penniless after the holiday gift giving. This is a time to rebuild what is faulty. Recharge, change habits, routines  and more.

After much trial and error I came up with ways to make January livable and survive the winter blues.

Surviving January:

  1. Leave behind relationships that are dead and done. Don’t look back at the pain and loss. Stay there for a bit and then look forward and focus on planning your year ahead.
  2. This is the time to plan your coming vacations. It’s cheaper and you’ll have something to look forward to.
  3. Start planning but also stay in the moment.
  4. Plan your exercise regimen and stick to it. Mark it on the calendar and do it as if it were a job you had to go to. You just don’t think about it, you just do it!
  5. Write, read, and draw. Become inspired.
  6. Do all those things that you leave for later in the summer because you rather enjoy the good weather.
  7. Cuddle up and watch inspiring thought-provoking movies.
  8. Meet up with friends to catch up after the holidays.
  9. Throw parties just because!
  10. Try out new recipes if you like to cook. Especially if the weather outside is not so great.
  11. Enjoy the winter lazy days to rest up.

And before you know it, January will be over and you will have enjoyed it!

Happy January!

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