Why are we attracted to jerks?


Love is blind by camerakarrie

Love is blind by camerakarrie

Bad boys, or jerks, in everyday jargon, are defined by Psychology Today as: Narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, highly extroverted, rude, reckless, irresponsible, somewhat psychopathic; as lacking sensitivity towards people, or merely lacking empathy. However, they also have the alluring traits women fall for: Charisma, extroversion, fun and confidence. There are six primary reasons why women are attracted to jerks and there are some key strategies to get over it to find a nice guy.

Who is susceptible to the fatal attraction?

Upbringing. If the parent possessed one or more of the negative traits above, and in addition, the parent was unavailable and distant, women are more likely to be attracted as adults to the same type of male.

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