By chance…

 That first sunrise at the beach by Old Sy in Beaufort

That first sunrise at the beach by Old Sy in Beaufort

It was by chance that we met. My friends and I had won a hefty sum of money when we were in our twenties and we took off to the beach, tagging along with one of my dearest friend’s parents. We didn’t even know where we were going, we just wanted to go to the beach, have a good time and party, of course.

On the first night out we went into this very tinny bar where drinks were dirt cheap and a few guys were hanging out. I didn’t take much notice of them except when they asked if they could tag along. My first thought was: “bummer.” I was, and am very shy. Yet, there we were, in a little beach town and with no idea where we were headed, the guys led the way. One, the tall cute guy kept picking on me, and I was slow to pick up any flirting signs, so I asked him why on earth would he be picking on me with so many others around. “Because I like you.” That, right there, killed me, in a good way.

That night turned into a beautiful sunrise at the beach with the man I was to love till today even though he is no longer with me. I met him partying but he was no party boy like I was a party girl and that made the whole difference and more.

He taught me at a very young age what love is and what it’s not. Mainly, that words without actions mean nothing. He loved me, and for that I’m grateful. He taught me what a good, honest, sincere and honorable man is.

I’m glad he got out in time for both our sakes. I know I would have ruined his life and now he wouldn’t be the father and exceptional husband I’m sure he is.

I’m sorry I lost him but I’m happy I met him. He remains a very important chapter of my life which I will never forget.

All by chance…

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