Second chances.

by charamelody

Leap on second chances by charamelody

Life does offer us second and third chances. The problem is that we’re often too afraid or too comfortable in the known territory to take the leap. New chances to start over, change course, come up everyday and we are the only ones who get in the way, in our own way.

Our brain rejects change, new territory, anything that is unfamiliar. Taking that second chance takes courage and changing your frame of mind, your view of life and yourself. If you don’t believe or picture yourself in a different scenario, chances are you’ll miss the boat.

Life is a gamble, yet if you don’t play because of your fear of the unknown, you don’t get to complain. Sit and accept that you like where you are, that this is the life you’ve chosen to live and you are happy with it. If that is the case, you need no chances. But if you live a life of regret on missed opportunities, it’s time to start opening your mind and envision another road.

Second chances turn up, but we have to be able to see them and jump at them with the conviction that at least you are trying to move forward, even if that place feels a bit uncomfortable. It’s a mater of training your mind and trying new things.


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