Happiness is the sum total of little acts of kindness.


We all strive to be happy. It’s a must. We want to feel it constantly, yet we cannot will ourselves to be happy. A lot is said about having to make ourselves happy first before others can, but we are part of a society and so much of how we feel is affected by what happens to us throughout the day and the people we interact with, that it’s not in our power to control our level of contentment.

Nobody can become our world and make us forever happy, but we can find happiness in those little acts of kindness people unknowingly provide us with. Little acts go a long way. Such as when a kid thanks you after class, a cheerful morning greeting, a text asking you how you are doing, a hug, an unexpected pay-it-forward and the likes. All these seemingly small gestures are the sum total of our happiness any given day. The accrual of those sincere small acts make a world of difference, a world of happiness. This is when you can honestly say that you can count your blessings.

Forget the big picture, go for the little details that often go unnoticed and which actually show how much people care. We all need to feel special even in small ways.

May you accumulate and acknowledge all those little kindnesses and feel happy, even if it’s only for a while. Again, it’s all we have, today’s happiness.

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