On being grateful for the tough times in our lives.

Gratitude by deeplifequotes

Gratitude by deeplifequotes

It’s hard at times to find it in ourselves to be or feel grateful. But there is always room for that. We can dig deep, set our ego aside and search for those things that have helped us become who we are today. This includes the hardships, the pain and those people you may hold grudges against.

I am grateful, after some soul-searching for all those roadblocks I had to master my way around. For all the falls and broken pieces I had to put together to keep walking ahead.

People and situations taught me tough but invaluable lessons about life and myself. To do this I had to be humble and try to not find fault but accept what was and is.

Thank you roadblocks and life for making me who I am. I’m faulty but stronger and more aware of the work ahead.


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