When the holiday cheer is missing.

Holiday cheer, sadness for some. by Sam Howzit

Holiday cheer, sadness for some. by Sam Howzit

Last Sunday as I strolled along 4th Street Berkley, a very cute shopping area, my heart suddenly felt heavy, enveloped by the kind of sadness you can’t put into words.

It was early afternoon and I was fine until it got dark and the whole street lit up with the holiday lighting. I was taken aback, surprised at the sight. For the first time I wasn’t ready. My heart sunk instead of lighting up with “Holiday cheer.”

Life seemed to suddenly weigh on me. I felt foreign to all the “magic of the coming season.” I thought; “Is it already here? Can I skip it Just this once? Sleep and get it over with? ”

This coming holiday season might not be my best, but as I talked with a friend who has suffered plenty of losses of his own this year, it won’t be an easy one for him either. Luckily he’s a strong and cheerful man, but still, he faces a hard season. Many feel the same weight at this time. The end of a stressful year, loss and maybe a few disappointments.

Yet, I know that when the time comes, the cheer, the festivities, the lights, my family and friends will inevitably lift my spirits. If like myself, the holidays are a hard time for you, allow others to do the cheering and if you are up to it “Fake it until you make it.”

Hope you can enjoy a bit of “light” this holiday season. I’ll try my best too.

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