Never wish someone ill, except….

Anger and zamboni.andrea

Allow time to fade the anger…by zamboni.andrea

I’m not one to hold grudges. Treat me well and I am pretty gullible and fast to forgive. Yet, I find myself having a hard time not wishing someone ill. Honestly, right now, I wish this individual the worst.

I can’t pretend I am fine with someone who’s hurt me so deeply and manipulated me to such a ridiculous extreme. Of course, I allowed it and I take that responsibility, but sometimes the cooling period takes a while and during that time, I only see red at the thought of this individual.

And this is normal. Forgiveness comes slowly, in its own time, and I refuse to feel bad about how angry I feel at both, myself and the other.

Accepting how you feel, instead of fighting it will soon enough help to bring some sort of calm.

Meanwhile, I long for that time of peaceful forgiveness I am not allowed right now. And that’s OK. I trust time will do its thing to fade the anger.


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