Is it too late?

 Is it too late? @Doug88888

Is it too late? by @Doug88888

I always thought it was too late or too “you name it.” In reality, as I’ve come to understand a bit late again, those “too…” were mere excuses to get out of doing something out of fear of failure or disappointment.

Something always got in the way. It was always too #younameit. Too old, too young, too late, too soon, too slow, too fast… Whatever it was that would keep me frozen in time, in my very limited comfort zone.

Now, in what is to be my second chance at life, I look back and kick myself for all the wasted time, all those chances I didn’t take which now I’m ready to face head on. Why so late? There we go again. I know well why; because maturity and understanding don’t come to everyone at the same time in their lives. Because the time is now, and not then when I wasn’t ready. I’ve come to accept life as a process in learning, a very slow one for me.

It’s never too late for certain things if we are realistic. The time comes when we have to face our real, not imaginary limitations.

My time is limited as everyone else’s, and for this reason, now more than ever, time is of greater esence. I’ll try my best today, tomorrow I might not even be here. I’ll try to let go of my “it’s too….” lame excuses and live to the fullest. Face everyday challenges even if it means I might fail.


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