The sudden blues. No, you are not weird.

The darkness that suddenly envelopes our day. Wikimedia commons by Jffkrider

The darkness that suddenly envelops our day. Wikimedia commons by Jffkrider

Years ago, when I heard the line “Nothing has to happen for me to have a bad day,” I suddenly felt relieved. I was not alone experiencing those bad days that weren’t prompted by any specific event. I wasn’t crazy or too strange. Since then, I’ve talked to plenty of people who also experience those dark days. Days that for no apparent reason you’re stuck by darkness. Days tainted by sadness and hopelessness. Days in which you find little reason to get out of bed, and all you want to do is hide from the world, curl up in a ball and stay under the covers. On those days, the last thing you feel like doing is calling someone and telling them how you feel. You want no cheering, no comforting, no commiserating, especially because you can’t really explain what’s wrong.

I’ve been through these sudden blues often enough to know that they won’t last forever. Yet, my first reaction is panic. I always fear that I’ll feel that way forever. But luckily, every time, I’ve been proven wrong and they are short-lived.

If you suffer these sudden blues, allow yourself to hide away, to stay in bed, to cry, to feel that sadness, that darkness that envelopes everything. On those days, be gentle with yourself. Don’t fight or avoid the sadness. Feel all the sorrow. You are entitled to it. Because the more you try to fight your feelings, the longer they will cling to you and linger.

Tomorrow you will feel better. The sudden blues don’t last long, as they are usually not caused by anything in particular. It’s not heartbreak, it’s mere sadness, just another feeling we need in order to appreciate the opposite feelings, such as joy.

We can’t feel happy all the time. That would be plain weird. Feelings come and go. All you have to do is accept them as part of living, feel them and let them go.

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