Running for your life at the crack of dawn.

Dawn by Henry Mühlpfordt

Dawn by Henry Mühlpfordt

If you’ve never tried it, get up at 5 A.M. and go running at the crack of dawn. Why? There is nothing like the quiet of the streets, the early start of the day to get your body and mind moving.  As you run, you will gain perspective on everything; your life, job, projects you are working on and decisions you must make.

There is something spiritual and cleansing about getting up at those wee hours to welcome the day, quietly. Running as the streets or countryside awaken, brings a sense of empowerment, freedom and a special connection to all things.

Even if you are not a morning person-whoever labeled that only made things worse by making it a personality trait one should stick to- try it, at least once, and you might find that it becomes addictive. The peace early morning unveils is lost as the day progresses and all the chatter begins. Make peace your priority and go seize the day and run for your life and sanity.

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