Who’s your worst enemy?


We dislike people whom we would never cross paths again if it were up to us. Unfortunately we can’t avoid some individuals that add nothing valuable to our existence. We can try to work around them, yet in a way we should expose ourselves to those we mistrust and truly dislike. Those are the people that make us practice self-restraint and acceptance. I rather though, ignore them and avoid them. That is much easier, even if it’s not the best practice.

There comes a time when you are too old to put up with people you dislike, too old to do things you no longer want or can do. That’s the freedom age brings with it.

But there is one secret enemy you can’t avoid and must face in order to grow, change and live free and happy: yourself. Yep, we are often our own worst enemies. We are our worst critics, we jeopardise opportunities because of our self-hate or inability to see the good and the beauty in ourselves. Constantly criticising ourselves: our bodies, our character, our performance etc… This is the enemy that you must be more aware of and stop listening to.

Stop giving in to those inner voices that constantly put you down, telling you that you can’t, that your are too old to take on a new venture, that your are unloveable, that you are not worth it. Give up listening to those voices and start reinventing the new voice. Make that voice your friend. A voice that allows you to grow and be the best you can be.

Make that voice your friend and discard the enemy within. Be free to explore and live fully



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