Inconsistency fosters mistrust.

Shattered Jef Poskanzer

Shattered trust…by Jef Poskanzer

I might still be like a child who needs consistency in order to respect people, especially authority. I was told one thing and then I saw the exact opposite happen, and besides feeling disappointed and a tad angered, I lost respect for those people. 

Just as parents are told consistency is important when rearing children so kids know what to expect, feel safe and follow the rules, so do grownups. If we say something we should follow through. Consistency is like a roadmap. There are no unfortunate surprises along the way. With a clear map, you know how to proceed and find your way. Without consistency, everything is haphazard. You feel blindly lost and begin to mistrust the world..

Consistency builds trust which is essential in any relationship, be it business or personal. So, before you say something, think and weigh in whether you can stick to your word. It’s not easy. It takes a lot of self-knowledge, honesty and commitment.

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