What money can’t buy…


Money can't buy a walk on the beach with loved ones...

Money can’t buy a walk on the beach with loved ones…

I’ve spent over two decades in search of that perfect pair of shoes, those jeans that fit perfectly, that something that I could buy that would make me forever happy. At long last, I’ve realized those are not the things that will ever fulfill me. Not even that trip to the Bahamas, unless the company kept is worth it.

It’s in those little things, as time spent with friends and family that make us happy. Those times when you get lost in conversation, that walk with someone you care for, that heartbreak you share with a friend. Those are the things money can’t buy that will stay with you for ever. Those feelings you had at the time, which upon recollection,  you shall experience over and over again and be filled with gratitude.

Money can’t buy you a friend, a pillow talk, a laugh at a joke, a walk on the beach with a lover. The feelings those events unearth are not for sale.




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