Celebrating every day…

Celebrate life every day!

Celebrate life every day!

Today everyone is happy out there, religious or not, celebrating Easter in some way. For kids it’s really about the easter egg hunt! While others will go to church and celebrate in their own way the “gift of life.”

We should though, be celebrating life every day, but we don’t. We take it for granted. We are here with our own crisis, our problems to solve, and those darn taxes looming ahead!

Yet, today is a new page to be written,  a loaf of bread to be taken from the oven, savored warm and crunchy. Why wait to celebrate? A special date is every day. I don’t know about you, but I usually wake up hopeful that today I will make it special, different, and not merely survive. I have no time to waste, and by this I don’t mean I have great important things to do, I mean doing things that make me feel good. Whether it’s going out for a run, reading a book, or anything that makes me or others feel good.

Celebrate today, don’t waste a minute, the time is NOW! A new day…. a new life….

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