Giving up is not for cowards…

Allow life to unfold...

Allow life to unfold…

We try hard to be the best we can. We care, sometimes until it hurts. But there comes a time when caring takes its toll on our health and mind, and are left exhausted and disappointed, losing ourselves, and our perspective. 

There are battles worth fighting for if the results are worth our while, but not all battles are meant to be fought. We can help others along, we can love them to pieces hoping they will get the point. Yet, there comes a time when we have to give up for our sanity’s sake.

I’ve given up trying to change people, and now, I’ve given up giving advice, because who am I to tell them how to live or what to do? I’ve taken the backseat, and allow them to fall and do what I had to do myself; dust off and pick up the pieces on my own. As hard as letting go and giving up is, the fact is that when you give up control and become the silent spectator, you find your peace.

Giving up control over other people, circumstances and life, unburdens you emotionally, setting you free to accept you are nobody’s saviour. We can guide people towards the direction we think is best, but in the end, it’s their life to do and undo no matter the consequences. So it is with life. You do your best and the results are not up to you. Relax and go with the flow. Improvise as life unfolds.

The peace found when you give up control is freeing! Try it!

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