Time to say goodbye…

Friends...Lifelong companions no matter how far you are..

Friends…Lifelong companions no matter how far they are..

Leaving behind those we love and care for or no easy feat. We leave a part of us with them, especially when we have a long history together. So it’s been on my last trip to my beloved Spain. I spent days catching up with family, old friends and made a few amazing good friends. (I have to admit I have a magnet to attract quality people who later became lifelong friends, not so with intimate relationships unfortunately, but that is a different story.) Letting go of those who somehow complete you and fulfill you is sad.

Yet, leaving and saying goodbye, as hard as it is, has is positive side. You know damn well, when your heart aches upon leaving, that those people are special, that there is love and care. Without that painful feeling, you would not have those relationships.

Missing people means you share caring and you are linked to them by an invisible thread that makes your life meaningful. You know they are there for you when you go back. That you are part of their lives, and that should be enough to count yourself lucky in this self-centred world.

I am blessed to be able to say goodbye and miss those who take part in my life. Everyone in their own way contributes to who I am. We are little without those who love us and define us in some way.

So say “goodbye,” and count yourself lucky even if your heart breaks a little.

3 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye…

  1. Patricia Durando

    Wow Laura…what you wrote is absolutely beautiful. It was great catching up once again and sharing another year of life experiences…. que sean muchos mas con gente como tu. Un beso enorme.

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